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Ms Word Notes

How to run/open MS -Word?

Click on start-program-Ms-word.

How to exit from Ms-Word ?

How to save a MS-word file ?
File-save(Ctrl+S),then type your file name-enter.

How to close the file ?

How to create a new document ?

How to open a save file ?
File-open(Click document file name-enter)

How to create a desire page setup ?
( watching page setup)
File-page setup-appear a box-page-margin-paper size-paper source-layout-enter.

How to preview a document ?
File-print preview(Ctrl+F2).

How to back from the preview document ?

How to copy any text ?
Block desire text-edit-copy/Ctrl+C

How to paste any copy text ?
Move the cursor to target place-editp-Paste(Ctrl+V).

How to create a save file another name ?

File-open-any document-enter-file-save as.

How to print a document ?

Open document-file-print(Ctrl+P)

For single  page-current page(From print box)-number of copies-ok(enter).
For all Page-all- number of copies -ok(enter).

For pages-range(example-1-10)- number of copies- ok(enter).

How to delete a file/document ?

Block text-edit-clear.

For file-File-open-document name-right button-delete.

How to cut a text ?

Block text-edit-cut(Ctrl+X).

How can go to target place ?

Open document-edit-go to(Ctrl+G)-(From find & replace box)-go to-enter page number-enter/next.

How to set toolbars ?

View-toolbars-select or tick mark/click any bars.

How to create header & footer ?

View-header & footer-box-write text-close/enter.

How can see full screen ?

View-full screen.

How can exit full screen ?

View-full screen-close/Esc.

How can set zoom page ?


How to set page number ?

Insert-page number-page number box will appear-click below positions-click below alignment(right/left---)-ok/enter.

How to create date & time ?

Insert-date & time-date & time box will appear-click below available formats-click below language(English-US)-check auto update-ok.

How to create a symbol ?

Insert-symbol-select any symbol-insert-close.

How to create picture ?

Insert-picture-clip/from file-select any picture-insert.

How to create diagram ?

Insert-diagram-select a diagram type from diagram gallery-ok.

How to create a text box ?

Insert-text box-create your drawing here.

How to open file ?

Insert-file-select any document or name from insert box-insert/enter.

How to create object ?

Insert-object-calender/microsoft equation 3.0.

How to create font ?

Format-font select any font from font box-font style(Reguler/bold--)-font size-ok/enter.

How to create bullet & numbering ?

Format-bullet & numberung-click any style from bullet & numberung box-ok.

How to create border & shading ?

Format-border & shading-click any style from border & shading box-ok.

How to create single or multiple columns ?

Format-columns-presets from columns box-ok.

How to create background ?

Format-background-click any colour from background box.
How to create styles & formating ?

Format-styles & formating-click any style from styles & formating.

How to create spelling & grammar ?

Tools-spelling & grammar-ok.

How to create letter & mailing ?

Tools-letter & mailing-envelopes & labels-ok/enter.

How to create a draw table ?

Table-draw table-click draw pen & draw.

How to insert a table ?

Table-insert-table-inser table size from table box-number of columns-number of rows-ok.

 How to delete a table ?


How to insert a column ?

Table-insert-insert column to the left/right.

How to insert a row ?

Table-insert-rows below/up.

How to delete a column ?


How to delete a row ?


How to delete a cell ?


How to create bold/underline/italic facing ?

Block the text-click B to formating bar/I/U.

How to create a text in centre/left/right/justify ?

Block the text-click align centre/left/right/justify.