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Ms PowerPoint ::

Microsoft Power Point :  

How to run Ms Power Point ?

Start-program-Ms Power Point.


How to exit from Ms Power Point?



How to save a file in Ms Power Point?

Write any thing to click to add title-

Click to add subtitle-file-save-type file name

In the save as box-save/enter.


How to page setup?

File-page setup-page setup box-slides sized for-

A4paper/letter-width set-height set-number slides from-

Orientation-slides-portrait-notes,handouts and outline-



How to print preview?

File-print preview or Ctrl+F2.


How to exit from print preview?

Esc from key board or Ctrl+F2.


How to print?

File-print or Ctrl+P-print range-all/current slide-copies-

Number of copies-print what-slides/handout/notes,pages/

outline view-color/gray scale-color/gray scale-color/gray scale-

color/gray scale pure black and white-ok.


How to cut a slide?

Edit-cut or Ctrl+X


How to copy a slide?

Edit-copy or Ctrl+C


How to paste a slide?

Edit-paste or Ctrl+V


How to select all slide?

Edit-select all or Ctrl+A


How to delete a slide?

Edit-delete slide.


How to slide show?

View-slide show or F5


How to exit from slide show?

Esc from key board.


How to set toolbars?

View-toolbars-check any toolsbar.


How to see zoom?

View-zoom-zoom to percent-ok.


How to exit from zoom?

View-zoom-zoom to percent-ok.


How to set a new slide?

Insert-new slide or Ctrl+M


How to set a picture?

Insert-picture-from file and size to it.


How to insert a table?

Insert-table(desire any number of column/row)


How to set a font?

Format-font-choice any font from box-font style-


How to create a slide design?

Format-slide design-click any field from available

for use box-Ctrl+S-enter.


How to create a slide layout?

Format-slide layout-click content layout from slide

layout box-right click-editplaceholder object-click any

text from media clip-ok.


How to view any slide?

Slide-view/F5& enter for again & again to see text.


How to exit from view any slide?

Esc from keyboard.


How to create animation schemes?

Slide show-animation schemes-apply any schemes

from apply selected slides(click mark auto view).


How to create colors schemes?

Slide show-animation schemes-color schemes-click

any scheme from apply a color scheme box.(if you save Ctrl+S).


How to create design templates?

Slide show-animation schemes-design templates-click

any template from apply adesign templates box.


How to create customs animations?

Slide show-custom animation-set started-set speed-

set effect/timing/text animation from fade box-ok/play.


How to set slide transition?

Click any trasition from apply to see slides-modify

transition-set speed-sound-advance slide-one mouse click or

automatically after02/03 seconds play.